Ever Fall in #Love With Someone You Knew You Shouldn’t

DisconnectCoverRachel wanted what most women did: to be married and in love, have healthy kids, a house with a yard and family and friends to fill them. But Rachel wasn’t like most women, according to everyone she knew, and most she met. Even to her there were glaring distinctions. She wasn’t rail thin, heroin chic and perfectly quaffed like most women in L.A. She wasn’t light and fluffy, sparkly but not too bright, like her mother insisted females should be.

Lee was one in twenty to respond to her personal ad– the new hip, slick and trendy way to connect in L.A. Rachel dismissed him as potential the first time they spoke on the phone. She’d been holding out for a knight, not a 39 yr old stoner, in the process of divorce. And like the slow collapse of the siesta town she grew up in, exploding with over-development, and the warped Rodney King incident,  Lee was just the tip of her disillusionment.

Disconnected reads like a modern Jane Austen: taut, smart, historical literary fiction chronicling a glimpse of the recent past through those living it. Rachel and Lee’s troubled relationship is reflected in the land of perpetual sunshine as it caved in on itself with unfulfilled expectations. Disconnected is an L.A. story; a contemporary romance with an edge, like the city itself.

Read novel: http://www.scribd.com/doc/27888896/DISCONNECTED

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