J. Cafesin

Author of Addicting Fiction

Storytelling is Truth–Tweeked

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Storytelling is Truth--Tweeked

#Writing Fiction, #memoir, the #news, recounting your day to your family or friends is ‘truth–tweeked.’

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Author: jcafesin

I am a freelance writer of fiction, essay and copy in the San Francisco Bay Area. I write what others dare not voice; on relationships, religion, politics and people. http://www.jcafesin.com/ http://jcafesin.blogspot.com/

One thought on “Storytelling is Truth–Tweeked

  1. The professor really liked this! Yes, yes indeed! It is life’s occurrences tweeked, bent, wrung out, whatever dadblameit! Manothunder that’s what makes it so intriguing and absolutely necessary – yes?

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