“I know I’m losing my mind. I can feel

“I know I’m losing my mind. I can feel it but I can’t stop it.” On #aging & #dementia ►LOSING IT: http://ow.ly/TlOhO #aarp #Alzheimers


Do U REALLY care for anyone but U? Is ALTRUISM real?

I teach my students at Berkeley and Stanford that the foundation of psychology, what motivates all of us to do whatever we do, is self-interest. I explain that even soon-to-be saints, like Mother Teresa, who spent her life feeding the poor, caring for the sick, did so out of self-interest. Mother Teresa was not altruistic. There is no such thing as Altruism. It is a religious construct to motivate good deeds, to get people out of our own heads, even for a moment, to consider others…


j cafesin