NEW ‪Parenting‬ blog 4 Mid-Life ‪‎Moms‬ (and Dads)— 1st time parents at 40+

Mid-Life Moms Cafe

I was a ‪#‎NewMom‬ @ 40+ with my 1st child. With age comes wisdom, insight, but also distance, from a community of parents that had their children 10 to 20 years sooner than I did. As an older parent, I’ve been on the outside looking in at mom’s clubs, in public education forums from the classroom to the PTA, at birthday and soccer parties, and family friendly events, in which my DH has been identified as our kids’ grandfather.

Raising GenZs among Millennial parents has given me a unique perspective coming from the babyboomer generation. I now have two teens, my eldest to become a high school senior next year. Over the years I’ve kept journals, and written essays about my time and experiences with my kids, but Mid-Life Moms Cafe is my first targeted blog, on motherhood beginning @ 40+.

I had 6 pregnancy loses between 36 and 40 years old. Five died in the first trimester. I terminated a pregnancy in the second-trimester, after an amnio found the developing baby inside me was ill. This experience is the first blog post (below). I’ll release a post every day, until I am current, then share a unique experience on parenting my teens weekly. I welcome your thoughtful comments on any of the posts.

I’ll start Mid-Life Moms Cafe at the beginning, before the birth of my son:


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