Thanksgiving 1991, Hollywood Memoir

WOMEN, are you cooking Thanksgiving tonight, while the men watch football? Are you doing the dishes, and serving dessert, while the men sit around talking? #WOMEN, HOW FAR HAVE WE COME? #LeanIn and relive #Thanksgiving, with typical American family, in the 1990s L.A. #Memoir DISCONNECTED:

Disconnected j. cafesin


Ignorant WHITE MEN who voted for TRUMPY, get an education, and THINK for a living, because YOUR MINDLESS MANUFACTURING JOBS, or COAL MINING, or job that takes no thinking is GONE. We have machines to do the simple tasks you used to. It’s not immigration that’s hurting YOU. It’s YOU, staying IGNORANT! and NOT thinking or creating for a living!!


What Do U Want for Your KIDS?

What do U want for your KIDS? For the generation that follows after U R DEAD? What WORLD DO U WANT for our children?
Waterworld? None at all?
That’s where we are headed, even if everyone who saw this changed today!

THIS MATTERS. This is IMPORTANT. Enough with the meme crap. PASS THIS ON, it MATTERS!! #pdf1 #instagood #asmsg #globalwarming