Contemporary Novelist J. Cafesin

Writing fiction is intoxicating. Fully engaging. Hot. Sexual. Physical. Mental. Spatial. Virtually touching real as I enter the scene. And I’m a million miles from Lonely.” JC

J. Cafesin is a novelist of taut, edgy, modern fiction, filled with complex, compelling characters so real they’ll linger long after the read. Her debut novel, REVERB, hit #1 in Kindle Store Contemporary Romance, and  #4 overall in Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank during a recent Bookbub promotion. Recent reviews: “Riveting; Compelling; An original and unique read.” REVERB was also #1 in Read Our Lips Book Reviews– 2014 Year In Review.

DISCONNECTED, Ms. Cafesin’s second novel, is smart, historical lit chronicling the coming of age of women, at the end of the last century. “Unabashedly unafraid, completely honest writing. Absolutely gorgeous stuff,” says bestselling author, RJ Keller. Second edition released, January 2015.

Other works include her fantasy YA/NA/A crossover series, FRACTURED FAIRY TALES OF THE TWILIGHT ZONE, #1. Each of the four “Uniquely Captivating,” dark, fantastical character-driven fables, is sprinkled with a touch of magic (or bit of physics), and a powerful message that lingers long after the reads. “5 Stars. Great read for young adults, and even some not-so-young adults.” FFTTZ #2 to release Spring, 2019.

The POWER TRIP (the first in the upcoming techno-thriller series) follows the misanthropic adventures of four Stanford students who implement an online game in which players manipulate each other using predictive modeling. Due to release late 2020. Click to read the beginning of the POWER TRIP.

Her essays and articles are featured regularly in national publications. Many of her ongoing blog posts have been translated into multiple languages and distributed globally. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband/BF, two gorgeous, talented, spectacular kids, and a bratty, but cute Shepherd pound hound. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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