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ISBN: 0692248951 Entropy Press Pub date: July 2014 Genre: Contemporay Romance; Literary Fiction

Smart, Addicting, Contemporary Romance with a Very Sharp Edge

Ever drink too much, eat too much, indulged in excess? Ever fall for someone you knew you shouldn’t?

Rachel was an artist, an obsessive, straddling the line of addiction. She sought what most women did—to be successful, married and in love, have healthy kids. It was hard enough attracting a man when she wasn’t heroin thin and perfectly chic like most L.A. women, sparkly but not too bright, as her mother insisted females need be. But in the 1990s, finding a man looking for an equal partner, wanting a woman beside him instead of behind him, seemed the impossible dream.

Then along came Lee…

In the spirit of The Bell Jar (Sylvia Plath, 1963), Disconnected is taut, smart, historical lit chronicling the coming of age for the women’s movement at the end of the 20th century. Rachel and Lee’s tumultuous relationship is reflected in the land of perpetual sunshine imploding with rapid growth, racial tension and violence. Disconnected is an L.A. story, an addicting contemporary romance, and like the city itself, embodies a very sharp edge.


Praise for Disconnected

★★★★★  “The characters, story line, and setting keep the reader captivated throughout the book. Raises important questions regarding romantic and familial relationships, drug addiction, self-worth, and other psychological factors. The author writes with power, poignancy, and realism. It’s a solid 5-star read that I strongly recommend.” Robyn Engel, Life by Chocolote

★★★★★  “A Captivating Read! The characters in this novel were all richly well developed, well portrayed, where each one seemed to come alive on the pages. Be ready for a read of a little of it all… romance, family relationships, drugs, realism, and definitely self worth.” Arlena, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★  “Have you ever been so addicted to something, whether it be from drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shopping…and there are numerous others, some even too weird to mention, that no matter how hard you try to stop, you find yourself going right back to your demon? I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a soul in the world that doesn’t suffer (?) from some sort of addiction. And yet, though we know we shouldn’t indulge in our desired sin but we just can’t help ourselves. Disconnected is a strong book with characters and storyline that you will see yourself in. A must read!” Beth Muscat, Bent River Books

★★★★★ “Unabashedly unafraid, completely honest writing…absolutely gorgeous stuff.” RJ Keller, bestselling author of Waiting for Spring


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