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A modern twist on A Christmas CarolA MARRIAGE FABLE is a novella, another tall tale of the powerful genie Finnegus Boggs, and his lessons on love that inspires Andrew Wyman, a typical modern-day husband on the cusp of his 25th wedding anniversary, to become a better man.

“A Marriage Fable does for Valentine’s Day what A Christmas Carol did for Christmas Day. A Must Read romantic fantasy!”
—BJ Fera, Goodreads

“Positively riveting. A captivating thriller!”
—Steven M. Alper, Broadway Composer

“Compelling adventure!”
—Bestselling author, Kimble Scott

“Frantically turning the pages to see what happens next!”
—TOP PICK! Night Owl Reviews

“Unabashedly unafraid, completely honest writing…absolutely gorgeous stuff.”
—RJ Keller, bestselling author of Waiting for Spring

Vivid. Sharp. Strong. Realistic.”
—Robyn Engel, Award-winning blogger of Life by Chocolate

“Driven, like the Hollywood fwy at midnight–fast, engaging and peppered with many poignant insights.”
—Brittney, Writer’s Cafe Review

“Really liked it! Wonderful story with very real characters and voice. Got this collection last week. Totally engrossing!! Read through it in one night.”
—Jim Turner, Goodreads

“Great read for young adults, and even some not-so-young adults!”
—Bryan Price, Amazon

“Wow! EDtv on steroids! the highest calibre of technothriller.”
—Jeijeiroja, Amazon

“Fast paced with a great plotline. Any techno/sci-fi fans out there will love this short story.”
Beth Muscat, Amazon

“Don’t miss this. And God yes, I hope someone is smart enough to option it for a movie!”
—Jeff Reed, Amazon

“Dispenses with the theory and gives you a step by step process. Tons of exercises and projects to help you refine your idea, market your product, and better target your markets to generate sales.”
—Andrew Weiss, Principal AI Engineer

“LSM is a marketing manual every entrepreneur should keep on their desk, essentially creating a foundation for starting a business, and then marketing that business for long-term success.”
—Lisa Matthew, Goodreads

“Very comprehensive! This workbook takes you step-by-step through the branding and marketing of a new product and venture.”
—Vijay Gupta, SVI Accelerator

“Your two books are the best that I have come across and the step-by-step lay out is ideal.”
—Tony Foster, Bethany College

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