Fractured Fairy Tales of the Twilight Zone, Volume #1

Fractured Fairy Tales meets The Twilight Zone in this collection of four “Uniquely captivating,” dark, fantastical tales, each with a touch of magic and a powerful message that lingers long after the reads…

1. Finnegus Boggs is a magical genie who grants two Oakland punks a chance to rewrite their destiny.

2. Hawk and Megan learn a valuable life lesson about love in Bird’s Eye View.

3. The Activation is a cautionary tale for bickering children, and the parents who fail to silence them.

4. Sylvester McCain travels a sliver of light to reset Faith’s path in life in The Morality Police.


“5 Stars! Fantastical and Philosophical Fun! —Bryan Price

“Wonderful story with very real characters and voice. Especially liked The Morality Police, related to Faith and her struggle to be her own woman in the shadow of her famous husband. But all the stories were fast paced and engaging, captivating tales. Highly recommended read!” —Goodreads reviewer

“I actually quite enjoyed each story’s premise. Worth the read!” —Anika Claire, Goodreads

“Totally engrossing!! Read through it in one night.” —Bj Fera, Goodreads 


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