Lost Writer Seeks to be Found

I keep putting marketing projects in front of me to avoid fine writing.

Writing fiction is HARD.

It’s the second hardest thing I’ve ever done beyond raising my kids, and husband.

Marketing, helping companies, especially startups grow is engaging. Working with entrepreneurs, especially engineers, to find their targets, and create campaigns that sell their stuff is empowering.

But it ain’t like writing fiction.

My muse comes out and plays with me when I write fiction. She and I intertwine, not just intersect like with marketing. We make love. We fuck. She drives me harder and harder…to THINK, imagine, create. One idea follows another, in rapid succession at first, then quicker, breathtakingly fast the story stings itself together, not like beads or pearls, but a continual stream of light energy. I’m riding it as it illuminates each character in their own dynamic colors, some blending harmonically, others clashing grotesquely.

I’m never bored, or lonely making it with my muse.

So, WHY do I keep taking on marketing projects when I passionately LOVE writing fiction?

It’s not a money thing. Not anymore. I spent 6 yrs writing fiction, produced four full length novels and a short story series, and haven’t made enough to pay for a family vacation to [pick your favorite vacation spot]. Marketing has always paid the bills. At this rate, at my age, money isn’t the driver preventing me from writing fiction like it was when I gave up fine writing to focus on my ‘real career,’ over 6 yrs ago now.

If it ain’t money, then I’m thinking it must be my ego preventing me from writing fiction. Beyond paying bills, making money is very validating! So is helping moms looking to become CEOs, or to coders developing their latest SaaS, it’s fun turning entrepreneurs onto the knowledge they need to make their marketing work to grow their business.

But it ain’t the challenge of writing fiction.

Fiction requires my full attention. Total immersion into another space, another place, not the real one I’m in. So the real world needs to be VERY QUIET, so it doesn’t pull me out of the world I’m creating. And as I write this I’m watching a truck back up on the street, BEEPING and BEEPING as it backs into our driveway to deliver drywall to the studio we’re building out behind our home. The dog is BARKING and BARKING cuz there are installers outside, crossing back and forth through her yard. Then there is our neighbor across the street cutting down huge cedars that take over properties here in the Great Northwest. And the tree cutters tossing branches into the crusher RUMBLING and GRINDING the limbs to mulch. And our next door neighbor installing a new fireplace, after drilling out the old one all last week.

Real hard to travel to virtual places when the real world is so invasive!

Yeah, I’ve tried noise-canceling headphones, and those squishy orange ear-plugs, but they both irritate, and are distracting.

Three months ago, we moved from the overcrowding and noise of East Bay, S.F. to Woodinville WA. The name perfectly describes this place. Densely wooded. Being far from towns and freeways, with acres between homes, I’m hoping once the studio is finished I’ll have a quiet place to write fiction. But I feel scared, anxious about committing to fine writing again. I’m afraid I won’t have the focus, the stamina I’ll need to create cohesive, complex story, and characters that will linger, stay with the reader long after the read. Quiet or not, writing fiction is HARD.

I’ve committed to January 2021 to begin fine writing again.

But between commitment to some future reality and actual reality is the Grand Canyon…

I would greatly appreciate all you readers and writers out there to help me begin! Should I write draft 2 of The Power Trip, or add another volume to Fractured Fairytales of the Twilight Zone?

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On Racism…

We are ALL racists. Every human being on the planet is BORN a racist.

NO! you’re screaming at me. BULLSHIT, you whacked out bitch. I am not a racist!

And the more you deny it, the more you prove me right.

We are all born racist. Mammals, the genome to which Humans belong, are born with an innate FEAR of THE OTHER—anything outside what is familiar to us. And this fear manifests as RACISM, and SEXISM, and NATIONALISM with humans.

“FEAR of THE OTHER,” should be the universal definition of racism. And humans manifest our fear in a variety of ways. Some, their fear is so overwhelming, their ignorance so great, it aligns with HATE, and they are violent against THE OTHER.

But sometimes, when our fear is acknowledged, and then examined, it motivates us to learn about THE OTHER. Only then, do we discover that regardless of color, or even gender, we are not so different. We all FEEL the same.

BULLSHIT, you calling me out again. You don’t know how it FEELS to be Black.

You’re right. I’m White. But I know what it FEELS like to be dissed. I grew up fat in chic L.A. And I know how it feels to be on the outside looking in. I’ve spent my entire life out here. As a women, I know how it feels to be objectified for my body alone; paid half or less than the man next to me doing the same job…etc.

It FEELS like shit. It makes me feel valueless, ashamed, awkward, angry, mystified, enraged, scared, small, sad. And all these negative feelings manifest inside each of us when we are dissed, regardless if we are consciously aware of them, or not.

We all FEEL the same. Each of us reacts to our feelings differently, but we are all intimate with feeling afraid.

Most all of us are also intimate with feeling happy, engaged, safe, content in the moment. Our reasons for feeling these things may vary, though not as much as you think. The love of a parent, guardian or friend, the comfort of a home, full bellies from tasty food makes most of us feel good. And the intensity of feelings vary wildly from person to person. Some enjoy positive feelings far more often than others born with internal, or into external misfortune. But the feelings of HAPPY, and SAD, are common to all of us.

The complex range of feelings we get to experience, both body and mind, is exclusively human. And feeling the same things provides a natural bridge to unite us, a window for empathy, even camaraderie through shared feelings.

Once again we are standing on the precipice of change, Equal Rights the topic de jour. Perhaps THIS TIME, we will get off the politically correct train, admit we are all racists, and choose to FIGHT our innate fear of THE OTHER. We’ll acknowledge the benefits of integration and globalization as an opportunity to learn from the best of each other. We’ll not only believe in, but practice equal rights.

Stand up, or take a knee, but SPEAK OUT against hate, and educate the ignorant that there really are no substantive differences between us, not color, not gender, not religious or sexual preference, because humans all FEEL the same.

Terrence Floyd, George Floyd’s Brother, Thank You for Your Words of Wisdom

Mr. Terrence Floyd, brother of #GeorgeFloyd gave a speech after visiting the dite where his brother was murdured. He got it exactly right. BRILLIANT! And well said, #TerrenceFloyd! U should educate #TrevorNoah

Terrence Floyd, brother of George Floyd who was murdered by cops speaking…





Find and Utilize Competitors with Competitive Analysis

No need to look for competitors since your business offering is so unique, there’s nothing out there remotely like it?

Think again!

​You are going to find competition, if you are thorough, and tenacious, and keep searching until you find offerings on the market directly or indirectly related to yours.

No one wants to find their brilliant idea has been produced by someone else. But it’s smart business to look for the same, or similar offerings to yours before investing a lot of effort in developing and/or marketing what’s already available.

Find and Utilize Competition with Competitive Analysis,” is a 50 minute talk detailing the Competitive Analysis process—efficiently, proactively, step-by-step. This Marketing PRACTICE Meetup provides a Competitive Analysis template to easily discover, and monitor your competition, enabling you to match, or surpass each of their offerings with your own.